"The timid always impress those who have the patience to know them better."

sexta-feira, 15 de abril de 2011

Once upon a time...

Feb, 2001

I arrived in NAIA, leaving a warm belly but that was already
too calm for someone who felt his destiny to call for him.

Several hours later, Paranaque, Ermita, Malate, Remedios st,
Cle D'or, then by Jorge Bocobo, Japlac.

Japlac, a part of hell and paradise were there.
Apart very good singers who completed the mixed environment of
exoterism and tension. It was like that cafe where vampires
disguises and if you become confused and excited with that fantasy
crossing reality mingled layers of surfaces up
to the other side of the stage.

That place has its importance so it should be mentioned.
Street mabini and flowers, Del Pilar,  Adriatico, where the Royal
Palm is, San Andres was the last address I had of her.

Were "30 days of night" really happened! Thirty days was worthy than thirty common lives!
How to live without constant emotion, and addictive
Life was LIVED. A terrible place, with low expected
survival rate but offset by emotion. What
matterss now, what's left to do?
That's why i'm here writing this. Living for the fuckin missing feelings

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